In the humble beginning as a start‐up, we built by gathering individuals with previous professional experience in office furniture, to establish a trading business of components and materials, which enabled us to venture into a simple yet substantial operation of panel systems. A period of building knowledge and identifying opportunities became our driving force to promote (encourage) TaZ's growth.


Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

Learning and sharing ideas with the network from its TaZ moved into the OEM import/export operationbusiness by exploring the potentials from contract and project base business. The associations with the elite group of “bigplayers” in the marketpropel TaZ’s learning curve on product offering from metal storages, desk systems to seating solutions.


Design & Development

Setting new standards for quality and aiming for higher expectations on designs and branding, significant emphasis from TaZ on its R&D operation were supported by the building of its manufacturing facilities and capabilities. The focus on Desk systems in the TaZ product offering created a new trend in its market presence. The recognized flagship product of “Stan” and “Tri‐com” became the most sough‐after solutions with functional advantage of wire management and flexible configurations, and yet offers the aesthetical essentials.


Global Collaboration

To become one of the leading organizations on solution orientation, TaZ adapted its “Less is more” concept in its core design. Our product portfolio such as I_tis, Vibe and X_cept presented to the markets with its theme approach on adaptability and flexibility. With participations of various exhibitions and publicactivities, our products received recognitions on a global scale. At the same time TaZ pushes to higher grounds for brand creation, and taking on further challenge from our global design, manufacturing and distribution partnerships to support our business diversification.